282TH Birth Anniversary of Pano Gyeboo Achyok

The 282th Birth Anniversary Celebration of King Gaeboo Achyok of Damsang at Mela Ground,Kalimpong, (2013).
On 20th December 2013, like the previous years in the early hours of the dawn 3000 indigenous people of Mayel-Lyang gathered at Damsang fort situated in Algara, Kalimpong, District Darjeeling, and offered prayers. The Lepcha King Pano Gaeboo Achyok had once resided and conducted the affairs of Damsang-Lyang from this fort.

After the prayers and invocations at the fort ended by 8:30 am a procession started at 9 am from 10th mile Fatak and Novelty cinema hall and converged at 10 am in the heart of the Kalimpong, the Mela Ground, for the programme.

The Guests were welcomed traditionally.

The Chief Guest was Ren Dhendup Adenmoo Lepcha who exhorted the Lepcha to be united to be able to progress. The first Chairman of Mayel Lyang Lepcha Development Board, Ren. Lyangsong Tamsang explained to the people that the newly formed WBMLLDB. is an exclusive board by the Lepchas, of the Lepchas and for the Lepchas. He said that it was formed by the lepchas themselves through their sacrifice, hard work and dedication. He pointed out that this Board came into existence when the Lepchas put aside the fears inside their hearts and openly came out to work for the rights of the sons and daughters of soil. Besides the development and socio economic issues he reminded that the making of this Board was a matter of pride, dignity, honor and identity which had been lost for more than four hundred years.

The others speakers were the Member Secretary of WBMLLDB Ren. Gedion Namchumoo, who gave a short speech about the life of Pano Gaeboo Achyok. Ren Dorjee T. Lepcha President of Indigenous Lepcha Tribal Association in his speech conveyed to the people that with unity the Lepchas need to march forward and cross over many bridges. Ren Yusuf Simik Lepcha Vice- Chairman stressed the need for unity not just in terms of culture and language but also to fight against poverty, backwardness, and illiteracy.

A book titled “Lepcha Past and Present” written by Dr.D.C. Roy was released. A musical Lepcha CD “Mayelmoo Sa Nyum Sut Aal” was released by Member Secretary Ren G. Namchu. The “Athing K.P. Tamsang” award with a cash prize of Rs 25000 was awarded to Pano Gaeboo Aachyok Lepcha Primary School , Doring Lungsyol for exemplary works in promotion of Lepcha language.

Felicitations were given to former Executive members of Lepcha Association in appreciation of their individual contribution for the cause of the Lepchas. They were Ren D.T. Tamsangmoo, Ren L.T. Gowlockmoo, Ren L.T. Sadamoo, Ren Kulman Lepcha , Ren C.D. Simikmoo, and Ren Agai Tshering Lepcha.

The celebration ended with, a cultural programme with the troupes from various places of Darjeeling District, Sikkim, Illlam(Nepal) and Samtse(Bhutan) performing including a Lepcha rock show by the youth.

The programme was sponsored by the WBMLLDB.

282TH Birth Anniversary of Pano Gyeboo Achyok