284th Birth Anniversary of Pano Gyeboo Achyok.

The Anniversary was observed with ceremonial fanfare on the 20th of December 2015 at the Mela Ground ,Kalimpong.
Pano Gaeboo Achyok was the last ruler of the Lepchas of Damsang Land that was wedged between Bhutan in the East and Sikkim on the West. He is remembered for his courage and sacrifice to keep the land free from domination by his more powerful neighbours.

There was a vast gathering of people from within the district, Sikkim, Bhutan, and Nepal. The Chief Guest of the occasion was Shri S K Thade, Principal Secretary, who offered a silk scarf and lit the lamp in honour of the Great King. Speeches were delivered by the Chairman, WBMLLDB, the Principal Secretary, District Magistrate, Member Secy, President, ILTA and other Guests. Shri S K Thade expressed his satisfaction in the progress of works done by the WBMLLDB. The highlight of the programme was the presentation of the Athing KP Tamsang Award 2015 to Daajyoolang Lepcha Night School, of Sukhia Pokahri for its outstanding contribution in preserving Lepcha language and culture. Shri Saibal Sengupta was conferred the Lepcha title of “Ren’’which means’ ‘Honorable Gentleman’. The King Gyeboo Achyok annual bilingual magazine was released on the occasion along with two books on Lepcha Myths and Lepcha Folk tales. The celebration was followed by a cultural programme that was participated by groups from various places.

284th Birth Anniversary of Pano Gyeboo Achyok.