Birth Anniversary of Pano Gyeboo Achyok

December 20th each year marks the celebration of the birth anniversary of Pano Gaeboo Achyok, recognized as the last Lepcha King known to be brave warrior he had defended his land and people against the invaders and oppressors of the 17th century. He was an excellent general and administrator. He is fondly remembered and this day is set aside to commemorate his contribution to the Lepcha society. He was instrumental in uniting the Lepcha people. He is the icon of the Lepcha nation.

Pano Gaeboo Achyok was the last king of Mayel Lyang. It was during his day that the Lepcha kingdom of Mayel Lyang extended from Bhutan in the east to Ilam(Nepal) in the west and from Sikkim to the northern tip of present day Bangladesh.

The celebration usually commences in the morning from the ruins of the Damsang Fort, 17 kilometers from Kalimpong town. The Fort was built by Gaeboo Achyok who had also built several others at strategic places to defend the country from the hostile neighbors.

This annual celebration is a mark of respect to the brave warrior king. His feats of courage and bravery and he is the symbol of hope and unity for the Lepchas.

On this auspicious day Lepchas from all walks of life irrespective of their age, sex, religion and region assemble at Kalimpong in their traditional attire to pay homage to the great leader.

Birth Anniversary of Pano Gyeboo Achyok