Kingchoom Daarmit Rural Livelihood Development Mission (KDRLM)

An initiative for Lepcha Inclusion.

The project is aimed at building a self-reliant exclusively Lepcha women community based institutional structure. It proposes to form 1250 SHGs at an outlay of 12 crores (approx), to be implemented over a period of three years (2014-2015 to 2017-2018). Currently, 6640 HHs has been brought into 726 deptongs/SHGs at the sub-village level, and the SHGs have been federated into 270 Kyongs at the Village level, then into 25 Thoom Level Federation at the cluster level and then into Poom Level Federation at the Central level as Mayel Lyang Debtong Mahila SHG Co-operative Society Ltd. Various trainings have been conducted by KDRLM for the enhancing the capacities of the Federation leaders, Community cadres and the Deptong members. At the same time, livelihood trainings are being conducted for enhancing the livelihood status of the Lepcha community.

Kingchoom Daarmit Rural Livelihood Development Mission (KDRLM) is supported by West Bengal State Rural Livelihood Mission (WBSRLM), which has recognized WBMLLDB as a Project Management Unit (PMU), with its head office in Kalimpong, Darjeeling District, West Bengal.

During the month of September 2015 a visit was made by Smt. Choten Lama, IAS, State Project Mission Director & CEO, NRLM. She and her officials visited and interacted with the SHGs of far flung areas of Panbu, Maadangree and Samthar Thoom. A meeting was also held with the Chairman and members of the WBMLLDB and the SHG federation where she reviewed the work and a course of action was planned. She was companied by Mrs. Nilanjana Das Gupta, Additional CEO, Mr. DK Mitra, SPM Financial Inclusion, Mr Debnmath, Consultant.