The National Seminar 2015

The National Seminar on the “Recovery of the Lepcha, Language, literature and Culture 2015″.

The National seminar was held on the occasion of the 190th Birth Anniversary of Thikoong General GB Mainwaring on 18th July 2015 on the “Recovery of the Lepcha, Language literature and Culture”. The Cultural Seminar is held in July at Polongdong, Darjeeling.

It was attended by a number of eminent persons and scholars as well as representatives of the Lepcha Community from the Darjeeling District, Sikkim, Bhutan and Nepal. The Chief speaker on the occasion was Padmashri Ms T Yanger, Nagaland, who presented a paper on Tribal Weaves, Arts and Crafts and Marketing based on long experience working at the national and International levels on the development of Indigenous Tribal Weaves & Crafts. Prof. P C Patanayak, Head of Department, Modern Indian Languages and Literature, Delhi University, presented a paper titled “We the Lepcha’s’’ which provided an insight of the community. He was conferred the Lepcha titled “Ren” for his close and long association with the Lepcha community. He graciously accepted the honour. Dr. N B Panda , Fellow of Moulana Abul Kalm Azad Institute of Asian Studies, Kolkata spoke on the paper “ Resurgence of a Phoenix:- the cultural dynamics of the Lepcha community’’ . Papers were also presented by Dr. Ratnottama Das, Delhi University, Shri Saibal Sen Gupta, St. Roberts School, Darjeeling, who spoke on “ Bird in Lepcha Folk literature”. Dr D C Roy,Kalimpong ,College spoke on the Lepcha personalities who had championed the cause in Darjeeling and Sikkim. Ren Denis Lepcha, Darjeeling, spoke on “Politics of Language on the Darjeeling Hills on selfless contribution of Thekoong.Gen GB Mainwarring – A critical assessment. Ren Seldong Berfongmoo Lepcha of Sikkim, who is a linguist presented a paper on “ The Lepcha Race, Religion , Language, and their scripts. Ren Rev. Peter Lingdamoo, Darjeeling, Ren Rev. F D’souza, Director, St. Joseph’s School, Kalimpong, Renyu Rip Punduee Lepcha and Ren Lyangsong Tamsang, Chairman, and Member Secretary , Mayel Lyang Lepcha Development Board were the other speakers.

A highlight of the seminar was the release of the reprint of the Lepcha epic-A Grammar of Rong (Lepcha) Language as it exists in the Dorjeling and Sikim Hills 1876 by GB Mainwaring. The Book was reprinted by the WBMLLDB on popular demand. A children’s magazine Allen were followed by the souvenir of the meet was also released. The academic session was followed by a colorful cultural programme.

The National Seminar 2015

Padmashri T. Yanger