The National Seminar

The National Seminar on the “Recovery of Lepcha Language, Literature, Culture and History”.

Distinguished speakers discuss various aspects of the rich Lepcha culture. The Seminar is attended by eminent academicians and intellectuals both Lepcha and of other communities. It has added to the growth of knowledge of the community and its acceptance as a distinct indigenous race. Several hundred people from Nepal, Bhutan, and the neighboring State of Sikkim and from the host State of West Bengal attend the day long annual Seminar.

The Cultural pageant that follows the literary discourse adds to the dimension of the Seminar.

The National Seminar is held on the occasion of the Birth Anniversary of Thekoong Gen GB Mainwaring every year of the 18th of July on the ‘Recovery of Lepcha Language, Literature, and Culture’. The Seminar is held at Pulong dung the place where the General had compiled the basic work of the books ‘The Grammar of the Rong (Lepcha) Language as is exists in the Dorjeling & Sikim Hills’’ that was published in the year 1876 and ‘The Dictionary of the Lepcha Language’ published in 1898 that was edited by A. Grunweddel. The latter was published posthumously.

The Lepcha Community is deeply indebted to this great mans in comparable contribution to the Lepcha Language. The Seminar is held in his honour.

The National Seminar