Thingnyoo Azem Rebecca Namchyomoo Folk Song, Dance Festival 2016

Thingnyoo Azem Rebecca Namchyomoo Folk Song, Dance Festival 19 July 2016.

The “Thingnyoo Azem Rebecca Namchu Folk Song and Dance Festival” is held annually in honour of Thingnyoo Azem Rebecca Namchu. This year it took place at Poloongdaong on 19 July 2016. The purpose of the festival is to conserve and promote the very rich and ancient Lepcha folksongs, dance, music, culture and traditions in Mayel Lyang. Many Lepcha artists from all over Darjeeling Hills, Bengal participated with great enthusiasm and interest in the festival the Lepcha mothers participated.
Azem Rebecca Namchu has been recognized and very aptly given the rare Lepcha title “Thingnyoo” by the Indigenous Lepcha Tribal Association, this year. “Thingnyoo” is a distinguished title meaning; a respectful and formal term of address for a notable Lepcha lady. Due to her efforts the Lepchas were recognized with the Scheduled Tribes status in 1951.
Many guests from Delhi, Kolkata, Assam, Sikkim witnessed and thoroughly enjoyed the Lepcha music on the day. The Lepcha students who did extremely well in the Madhyamik and Higher Secondary Final Examinations selected by the ILTA were felicitated with cash awards by the WBMLLDB.
The following were declared the winners by the judges, Ren N.T. Lepcha, Kalimpong, Ren Norden Lepcha, Gangtok and Ren Mikma Lepcha, Gangtok:

Dance: Songs:
1. Samthar Thoom Shezoom. 1.Poyongling Thoom Shezoom.
2. Relli Ruknu Thoom Shezoom. 2.Relli Ruknu Thoom Shezoom.
3. Git-Dabling Thoom Shezoom. 3.Git-Dabling Thoom Shezoom